About Bookbrowsr


BookBrowsr is a free service for readers that provides on-line book recommendations from authors, book experts and sophisticated readers.

Our goal is for readers to be able to easily browse and find enjoyable books to read.

Recommenders categorize books they’ve read and loved and write a brief recommendation.

Authors showcase their work through Featured Author Profiles, where they explain to readers why they wrote their book.

Readers can quickly and easily browse these book profiles to find their next book to read.

Bookbrowsr aggregates reader feedback, which in turn elevates particular book profiles for other readers to see first.

What is the difference between a review and a recommendation?

Crowd sourced anonymous reviews, like the reviews found at online retailers, don’t do a good job of providing recommendations to individuals. Reviews in general are more about the reviewer than the intended audience.

And even if you’ve found the book (or product) you’d like to purchase, what do you do when the first three reviews are positive and the next three reviews are negative?

At Bookbrowsr we approach recommendations as if you are asking a friend for one. When was the last time your friend started by listing bad books, and eventually got to a good one? Never — because a recommendation is all about you, whereas a review is all about the one doing the reviewing.

Who are the recommenders and how are they chosen?

Recommenders are self-identified, highly motivated readers, who may be professionals (publishers, editors, book bloggers) as well as be experts in specific categories.

What is a Featured Author Profile?

A Featured Author Profile (FAP) is an opportunity for authors to present their books to readers in a brand new way. As opposed to a plot synopsis, authors write a brief “Why I wrote this book” and assign several themes. The reader is able to quickly get a favor for the author and their book.

How is Bookbrowsr different?

We are NOT an engine.
REAL people are recommending books to you. Not a computer

We are NOT a static list of books.
We use your member profile and ongoing feedback from you and others to dynamically show you Featured Author Profiles and recommendations.

Our passion is to help readers discover the books they want to read and help authors and recommenders connect with readers.